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Grade Specifications for Indian Cashew Kernels
The specifications below follow the specifications of the Cashew Export Promotion Council of India. Our products are normally offered by importers to their customers as the commodity grade mentioned, with the suffix "Top quality Indian Shipper", or "Group Shipper".
We have a consistent record of not taking liberties with subjective interpretations and tolerances and a control system to ensure that we surpass expectations of fair average quality (FAQ). We also work our production schedules around our shipping schedules to deliver on time. The absence of headaches when dealing with us means that our product commands a slight premium of 1-2% over most other Indian shippers

W - 240 White Wholes
W - 320 White Wholes
W - 450 White Wholes
SW - 320 Scorched Wholes
SW - 450 Scorched Wholes
SSW Scorched Wholes Seconds
FS Fancy Splits
FB Fancy Butts
SS Scorched Splits
SB Scorched Butts
LWP Large White Pieces
SP Scorched Pieces
SPS Scorched Pieces Seconds
SWP Small White Pieces
SSP Scorched Small Pieces
BB Baby Bits