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Green Pepper corns are the immature, fresh (green) berries of the pepper vine - Piper nigrum. These berries are plucked fresh from the vines and processed into various specialty products while retaining their natural green colour and flavor. Following are the gourmet range of Green Pepper Products processed in India.

Freeze Dried Green Pepper
Dehydrated Green Pepper 
Green Pepper in Brine      
Frozen Green Pepper 

India is one of the very few countries which produce and supply Freeze Dried Green Peppercorns, wherein even the natural form of the Green Peppercorns is retained. This is a specialty product which finds a wide application in instant soups and dry-meals on account of its special characteristics and subtle flavor. It is also used in the cheese industry and for preparation of pates. By virtue of its reconstitution characteristics it is a favorite choice for housewives who obtain it from the retail in glass jars for varied application at home.

Dehydrated Green Pepper:
Dehydrated Green Peppercorns is used for grinding/cracking, in soup mixes and pepper mills and in meat, sausage & egg preparations. Besides other applications, Green Peppercorns in brine is used for making sauces and purees and in the food service sector.

This is a premium quality dry pepper, dried under controlled conditions and yet keeping the natural green colour and giving out the best flavors packed in low-density plastic bags in 7 ply paper cartons with 10 to 15 kg net weight having various densities ranging from 200 - 400 gm / liter.

The catering sector specially utilizes this product in the green pepper steaks. It is also a popular pickle by itself or mixed with other spices/vegetables. Frozen Green Peppercorns are used in fresh salads and frozen meals. Export of these items are mainly directed to West Europe, though they are increasingly gaining acceptance in USA, Canada and other smaller markets. There are many units which are active in the production and export of Green Pepper products from India. These items are mainly produced for export only.

Green Pepper in Brine:

These premium quality light green pepper berries, after removing all the stones and other foreign particles are kept in brine solution for about 45 days till the berries are matured. This process includes three times washing and fresh brine solution with salt solution around 17%±2% and vinegar around 0.6%±2%; packed in HDPE jars with net drained weight of 25 kg each.

In the Indian context, Pink/Red Pepper is the ripened pepper berries of the Piper nigrum. India also produces Pink/Red Peppercorns in brine. White Pepper, Sterilized Black Pepper, Dehydrated Black Pepper, Black, White and Green Pepper Powders and Cracked Peppercorns are also produced and exported from India.

Black Pepper Sterilized:
Black Pepper in low bacteria is a premium quality pepper dried under controlled condition, till the moisture is brought down to less than 11%, after removing all stones, other foreign particles and then thoroughly washing in boiling water before drying. Packed in double layered poly abags  

Black Pepper Crushed:
Special quality black pepper is crushed and sieved into various sizes varying from 10 - 30 mesh according to the choice of the buyers and packed in double lined poly bags of 25 kg each.

Black Pepper Whole/Ground:
Dehydrated Salted Green Pepper:
De-hydrated salted Green Pepper is a product developed by Pepper India Corporation, it is a 100% substitute for Green Pepper In Brine and is much more convenient as it is easier for transportation and storing as it does not involve any Brine Solution. It is a product which can be used instead of Pepper In Brine as it contains both Pepper and Salt in the same proportion and at the same time maintains the natural green colour.

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